Top 10 gardening tips for an Australian spring (2023)

As Aussies prepare for spring, we've rounded up our top 10 gardening tips to prepare you for the warmer months to come. It's a wonderful time to start working on your garden, start a vegetable patch, tidy up the garden shed, plant new seeds, repair neglected areas, renovate your garden and fertilize your lawn twice a year!

1. Prepare-if and organize-if

Are you looking for an excuse to stock your tool shed? Spring is the perfect time to organize your tools, giving them a good cleaning and sharpening. Cleaning and sharpening tools is essential to maintaining a healthy plant, as it will help prevent the spread of disease. If you don't have a big enough space for a tool shed, try one.Hoselink carry bag for garden toolsinstead! These bags have many compartments to store your tools and make them easy to carry around the garden. They also make great gifts!

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Is something missing from your collection? Hoselink has an excellent range of essential tools all year round, not just spring. One of our essential items is theHoselink Weed Puller.This weed puller is designed to make it easier to remove weeds in the garden and at the same time save your back because you don't have to bend over. This is an absolute must to get your lawn ready for spring! From weeding tools to cutting tools, Hoselink have designed these products to be rugged and ergonomic to ensure they are easy to use and stand the test of time.

2. Start planting

It's true what they say, spring is the perfect time for a new life! Longer days, more sunlight and warmer temperatures encourage your plants to grow. So if you're thinking of planting fresh flowers, vegetables, herbs, greens, hedges or any other type of plant, now is the right time to get started while the weather is on your side!

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3. Straw

Mulch is great for many things, including water conservation and weed prevention. Mulching helps keep the soil from drying out, keeping it moist, helps conserve water, and keeps plants hydrated longer, especially in hot weather. You should not only mulch in the spring, but all year round for your garden! Additionally, mulch also encourages good drainage for your plants, improves soil structure, and helps implement the right nutrients into the soil.

4. Pruning

Winter may have left your garden a little wild, which means it's time to tidy up and prune as you prepare for spring and summer. There are many ways to prune a plant: some people prefer a sleek, sophisticated look, while others like to show off the plant in its most natural form by only removing dead, diseased, or broken branches. Removing these branches is essential to maintain your plant's long-term health and encourage new life to form. If you're short on cutting tools, Hoselink has one for every job. Outside ofChipsEsecateursfor smaller plants tooAstschereEhedge trimmerFor those bigger jobs, there's nothing Hoselink can't handle!

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5. Clean and clear

It's time to clean up all the debris left over from the winter. put yourgarden glovesand clear away dead lawn leaves and other debris that may have been dumped into your outdoor space. If you don't have a rake yet, now is the time to buy one.Hoselink Extendable Rake. This practical tool is great for saving storage space and can be extended up to 1.6 meters, making it suitable for a person of any height to use and adjust. try ourleaf bladesto avoid making multiple trips from the pile of leaves to the green bin to finish the job!

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6. Fertilize

The most important time to fertilize your garden is in spring. A general purpose fertilizer likeHoselinks Super Grow Gartendüngerwill provide your garden with all the nutrients and minerals it needs to promote health and growth. A versatile fertilizer, it is suitable for new and established plants and many plant varieties including native, vegetable, lawn and tree.

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7. Start a composting system

Composting systems are fantastic for the environment and for reducing household waste. Composting is easy and a great activity for kids. You might be wondering what you can do with compost besides the environmental benefits? Well, there are many uses that will come in handy during the spring gardening season. Compost can be used to feed your spring bulbs, add to fruit trees, serve as a top layer in flowerbeds, and much more. If you have furry friends at home, consider setting up a composting worm farm! Your pets' droppings can be placed in the worm farm along with the kitchen garbage and will be digested by the worms. If you're feeling a little lost on where to start or which option is best, there are many starter kits available online to help ease the transition and provide step-by-step instructions on what to compost and what not to.

8. Dip your evergreens

The more the sun starts to shine, the more water the roots of your perennial plants need. Without adequate moisture, vegetation can turn brown. That's why spring is the ideal time to give your evergreens a good bath. Can't reach the roots with a hose? To tryHoselink's Root Waterer and Soil Breaker instead. This watering attachment easily connects to your Hoselink hose and allows you to water roots just below the ground, as well as breaking up hard soil that can prevent water from getting below the surface.

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9. Pest control

Pests are a common problem that unfortunately affects most gardens all year round. While you have a little time to get over it, check out some natural pest control remedies. One of the best tips is to keep your plants healthy so they are strong and less susceptible to pests. Another great way to control pests is with plants that attract beneficial insects. Beneficial insects control harmful ones by eating them, saving the use of chemicals. In the worst case, there is always the possibility of using physical barriers such as nets. Some pests are harder to avoid than others!

10. Lawn care

Is your lawn looking a little neglected lately? Get him in shape in time for spring! A mow will be fine, but if you really want to give your lawn some maintenance, check this out.Hoselink lawn care video with gardener Ben Hayman. Ben gives you all the tips and tricks for a lawn that everyone will envy. If you're looking for a shortcut, be sure to look around.Hoselink 3-Day Green Lawn Fertilizer. This lawn fertilizer contains all the essential nutrients your lawn needs, including nitrogen, magnesium, iron and potassium, which help keep your lawn in top condition both above and below ground. This can be purchased in a package.Hoselink fertilizer spray mixerfor easy connection to your Hoselink hose and quick application to your lawn.

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