Spring activities for preschool (2023)

Spring activities for preschool.which are fun for the little ones and super easy to prepare!

You can finally feel the thaw from the deep freeze known as winter. The birds sing, the leaves sprout on the barren trees, the flowers begin to dot the landscape. Finally, spring is in the air. All of this can only mean one thing: it's time toSpring Activities for Preschoolers!This is one of our favourites.themes for preschool!

The happy snowflakes and snowmen that have been decorating your classroom walls for the past few months can now make their way into your students' homes. It's time to replace them with bright and cheery flowers, butterflies and all things spring!

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Be sure to use some of our favorites.spring songsto combine these activities. And to make lesson planning easier, use ourspring preschool themes!

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Don't miss out on our made-for-you lesson plans that make preschool planning a breeze! This spring lesson plan from ourpreschool storeIt's packed with hands-on learning activities! There are printables, songs, literacy and book suggestions, math activities, crafts and art projects, and much more!

From real live plants to beautiful butterfly crafts, flower-filled math and more, here you'll find learning ideas for every area of ​​your spring curriculum in one engaging place. Come inside and enjoy all the joy of spring!

Preschool Arts and Crafts for Spring

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glass gem sun catchers– Preschool Inspirations
These cute suncatchers are essential when planning your spring preschool crafts. They are excellent classroom decorations and beautiful gifts for loved ones. To add a special component and connection to literacy, your children can make their first initial out of the glass beads.

Hot Air Balloon Process Art– Preschool Inspirations
Don't you just love watching creativity unfold as your preschoolers process art? It's just amazing what these brilliant little minds can come up with. This process art activity will get your kids up, up and down with some hot air balloon fun!

torn paper flowers– Preschool Inspirations
We love the art of tears. That's right, it's process art with a touch of tears. Children love to tear paper and this is very beneficial for the development of fine motor skills. The art of tears fits into almost any unit of study - be sure to add this flowery edition to your spring preschool activities.

Craft to catch the sun from the rain cloud– Preschool Inspirations
You'll add a bit of sunshine to a cloudy day with this beautiful suncatcher. Milk cartons are perfect for catching the sun due to their translucency. This will be one of your preschool spring crafts that your little meteorologists will love!

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Crafts of flowers with molds for cupcakes– Preschool Inspirations
Cupcake liners aren't just for baking, they make a great addition to craft supplies at home and in the classroom. These flowers will bloom in just a few steps, easy and fun for your little artists!

butterfly print– The Craft Train
You just can't have spring activities for preschoolers without some butterflies showing up in their classrooms. I couldn't love these simple sponge butterflies more! Easy to make and fun for all ages, there's even a short video tutorial to show you exactly how to create these sponge masterpieces.

Colorful spring art design– How we learn
After a LONG winter, we could all use some bright and cheery spring trees, are you with me? Just grab some watercolor pencils or crayons and some paintbrushes. These will add so much color and cheer to any classroom or home in need of a festive spring flair!

Artistic flowers with coffee filter.– Fun per day
Painting with an eyedropper is not only fun, but also a great way to help develop those all-important pincer claws. These beautiful flowers are sure to become a regular part of your springtime preschool crafts, as they are fun, educational, and make beautiful window decorations. You can never go wrong with coffee filter art!

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natural activities

Spring activities for preschool (5)

pine cone feeder– Preschool Inspirations
This pine cone feeder is sure to take you back to those iconic nature activities you did as a kid! Simple, classic, and fun, this bird feeder is a perfect addition to your preschool's spring activities. As an added spring bonus, you can have your kids collect the pineapples on a nature walk!

spring discovery bottle– Preschool Inspirations
Spring is a time when a variety of new plants emerge, so why not link this to your sensory bottles? This particular example uses a beautiful desert yucca plant, but any of the local plants and flowers will work. It's as simple as the plant you choose, a bottle of water (the ones from VOSS work perfectly for sensory bottles), and some old-fashioned H2O.

Seed germination for kids.– How we learn
Your little students will love watching the seeds grow as an exciting part of their outdoor activities! With this activity you can teach your children everything about germination. Use a variety of seeds so that your young botanists can observe variations in the way they might not grow.

Spring Math Preschool Activities

Spring activities for preschool (6)

ladybug counting bag– Preschool Inspirations
Of all your preschool spring math activities, this might be the cutest. These adorable ladybugs are sure to delight all your little mathematicians. You can even add an awesome number-tracking tactile component with some simple glitter glue.

Counting flowers and leaves from paper clips– Happy Tot shelf
Dive into math fun with clips! Green paper clips can be leaves, and you can use a variety of colors for the petals. There are even suggestions on how to differentiate for your first graders working on one-to-one correspondence from your kindergarten/first graders working on addition and subtraction.

Preschool Spring Pattern Cards- Iowa Homeschool Mom
Flowers and butterflies and patterns, oh my! These adorable pattern cards are sure to be a hit as part of your preschool spring math activities. Laminate these free prints for durability and longevity and you'll have an attractive pattern practice for many years to come.

Preschool Spring Science and Sensory Activities

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earth day slime– Preschool Inspirations
Most children love the sensory experience of playing with slime. This one puts a twist on Earth Day by encouraging your kids to make a model of the earth out of slime. The best part of this slime recipe? It also tells you what NOT to do so you don't make any of the common mistakes of making sticky, sticky, messy slime.

Flower activities for preschool.– Boxes for small hands
If you're looking for spring science activities for preschool, you've hit the jackpot with this one! You get 3-in-1 fun with these flower-filled science activities. With buckets of frozen flowers, parts of a flower investigation, and a sensory box filled with water, you can't go wrong with all this hands-on flower fun.

Mola fine motor tray– No time for flash cards
Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills are essential to develop in little learners. This activity is a delightful way to practice these emerging skills. Your children will surely enjoy planting a variety of artificial flowers in the small holes of a colander. Clever and so simple, right?

Spring Literacy Activities for Preschoolers

Spring activities for preschool (8)

Letters corresponding to the butterfly alphabet.– Preschool Inspirations
These matching alphabet cards are beautiful photographs of real butterflies. So many abilities are included on these cards, including case-matching, patterns in nature, symmetry, insect parts, and much more!

Kindergarten alphabet letter recognition– Pre-K pages
You most likely have a vegetable garden or flower garden, but have you ever had a letter garden? If not, now is your chance! This charming and engaging literacy activity is a great way for your preschoolers to practice letter recognition. Your little gardeners will love planting their very own alphabet.

printable alphabet spring rains– Kindergarten worksheets and games.
This super cute letter matching game is a fun way for students to work on letter recognition—with a twist! In this free printable game, kids match the uppercase and lowercase raindrops to the same letter on the umbrellas. It's perfect for a spring literacy center!

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