Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (2023)

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS

Oldschool Runescape
iron man guide
Por Oziris RS
Reformatting + images + details added by KruXoR


  1. Introduction
  2. Pronunciation
  3. Leaving
  4. Prve potrage, Wintertodt i Ardy Cloak 1 (71)
    1. Lumbridge
    2. Lumbridge Marsh
  5. Robbery, fishing and mining (541)
  6. Fairy Rings, 43 Prayers, Kingdom, 99 Thieves (630)
  7. 1.4 Various skills, agility to grace (886)
  8. 1.5 Schedules and finalization of RFD (1046)
  9. Goals After Barrows Gloves (1093) Includes Assassin's block/skip lists
  10. Prepared by PVM, Barrows, Zulrah (1241)
  11. The Complete Guide to Barrows Gloves


This version is mostly copied from the old one, with improved quest order and new methods, in case you were wondering why it looks exactly the same to begin with.


Read this section first before starting the actual guide.

If there's a mistake somewhere in this guide, feel free to tweet me @ozirislol, but please don't tell me to update as soon as a new update comes out, it takes a long time. Also, I rarely answer questions that can easily be answered by using ctrl+F in this guide OR by searching Google.

There is no one right way to play this game, everything in this guide is exactly what I would recommend. If you don't want to follow the step-by-step guide, feel free to do whatever you want. It might still be worth reading this to get some ideas of what goals you might be aiming for.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the guide!

Good luck and have fun.


Start as a female character, don't forget to become an iron man before you leave the tutorial island. the female character is forrecruitment mission

This guide assumes you always carry a wad of cash unless I tell you not to. I'll mention bringing gp regardless most of the time, but if you don't, keep it with you anyway.

Use all herbology books and lamps if possible.

Use the Authenticator and 2-step confirmation on the registered e-mail

1.1 First missions, Wintertodt and Ardy Cloak 1


Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (1)
Location Duke Horacio

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (2)
Place Father Aereck

Talk to Duke Horatio and Father Aereck to start the Mysteries of the Runes and the Restless Spirit quest

  1. Collect all the items that appear in the castle, including those from the basement, don't forget the cabbage.
  2. Fill the jug with water
  3. Go to the top of the castle and set fire to the logs to 15 Lighting a Fire
  4. After that throw the same logs at 1000 arrows Take 4 ashes Take 1 log for later
  5. Umirovite 25gp do banco
  6. Thieves up to 270gp, buy a steel ax (make sure the world is full, it should cost 200gp)

HCIM (Hard Core Iron Man): Quickhop some cabbage in the basement for hp, the normal ones can only be killed for hp.

Lumbridge Marsh

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (3)

Before heading here, grab the arrows and bow for ranged combat.

Kill the rat (safe place with range) for its meat

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (4)
Lumbridge Swamp Safespot

Take the shovel from the swamp shed which will take you to Zanaris.

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (5)
Place Father Urhney

Talk to Father Urhney to get the Amulet of Ghostspeak, equip it.

Take the air talisman to the wizard's tower.

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (6)
Location Aggie

Get 2 cheeses from Aggie in Draynor Village

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (7)

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (8)
craft guild

Walk to Rimmington, get 1 snape gram near the craft guild by the hobgoblin.

Make sure you have about 10 energy to run for this so you can quickly grab one and get out.

Walk to Falador

StartKnight's Sword Questtalking to the squire.

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (9)

Tele minigame for clan wars
Inv.: steel axe, 70 gp, barrel case, water jug, 1 common log
Recharge your energy using the FFA portal, then use the green portal north of the bank to teleport to Castle Wars.

Walk to Yanilla
Find the Ardy Easy schedule in the Hunter store
Buy a pie plate from Yanille's cook shop

Walk to Khazard Harbour
Buy 1 Swamp Paste from the shop
It's possible that the store is sold out and you can't pay, try to skip a few times, but if you can't, that's it
ok, you can get it later.
monk's friend

Make 35 woodcuts on oak trees and set fire to the logs as you split them.
2 Oaks south of Ardy Zoohttp://i.imgur.com/EN5Jpdb.png

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (10)

Catch 20 thieves with a cake
Lay down 15 loaves of bread and ALL the cakes you can get.
Steal silk from up to 25 thieves
From the sheep herder, sell 6 cakes to the goods shop for 100 gp

Take out the GP and the small fishing net
Buy swamp paste if you couldn't get it before.
Make a sea snail, catch shrimp while looking for a diary
After the quest, buy as many sardines as you can fit in your inventory at the fishmonger in Witchaven
Sell ​​your silks for 60 gp each, keep 10 in the bank for quests

You must have 10k GP at this point
Buy a house owned by a player.
Buy Rope, 5 Flasks, 30 Balls of Yarn, and 7 Papyrus at the Ardy General Store
Inv: rope, shovel, gp, some cake

Dig up the gloves and boots of the trace hunter north of Ardy,http://i.imgur.com/sOD5Zhz.png

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (11)

Buy Rasolo's Greenman's Ale
Dwarf cannon to the part where you have to go to the ice mountain

Take plates in BA until application limit.
If there are no bots downloading them, you may not exit. I'm not sure how much you need in total, but just keep it that way
150 max for now. Try to get at least 100 boards unless there are none on any world.
From the BA guide to the tele mini game
I think you can skip the tutorial these days, but make sure you've unlocked the teleport
Start Barcrawl
Do the waterfall quest to the part where you have to go to the gnome maze, don't forget to read the book

Walk to the gnome's stronghold

Buy a Blurberry drink for the Barcrawl mini-quest.
Buy these items from heckel funch (east of Blurberry);
1 pineapple, 1 orange, 2 lemons, 1 cocktail shaker, 1 cocktail glass
1 Dwellberries, 1 bucket of milk, 1 cocoa powder
Buy 1000 Bronze Arrowheads (100/world for 1gp each)
The weapon shop is on the 3rd floor south of the stairs
Make a hangover cure for the city's plague quest

Inv: rope, gourd, hangover cure
Walk to Ardy
plague city

The minigame teleports to clan wars, recharges and uses the portal for castle wars
He grabs a steel ax and a box of gunpowder
Run southwest from the castle wars
Cut and burn teak logs up to 50 Making Fire

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (12)

Tele minigame to clan wars and run north to Varrock
Equip the Ghostspeak amulet if you laid it down at some point
Buy 1 saw, 500 brass nails and 400 steel nails. If steel nails are not in stock, buy them later

Tele residential, Lumby
Talk to the ghost for a restless ghost quest

GP, Bronze Nails, Hammer, Saw, Marking Boards, 1k Arrow Shaft, 1k Bronze Arrowheads
Leave 10 panels in the mission bank. It really doesn't matter how many catches you've made before, our goal is just
get some building levels before the winter todt

Draw a chronicle and 5 diango teleport cards
Walk to Sarim Harbour
buy 1000 sorrows
Go to Rimmington and use your planks, build chairs up to level 4 and then bookcases until you run out of planks.
Use jars to clean the boards

Take the boat to Great Kourend
Head to Wintertodt
Shoot all 1k bronze arrows while walking
If you see wolves near Wintertodt, you're on the wrong track. Nothing can hit him on the way.

It should now have 15 arrows and hopefully 15+ buildings, this will increase the xp you get in these winter skills.

(Video) Ironman Series - The Osiris Experience #1 (20 hours of Wintertodt loot)

Wintertodt to 60 Woodcutting, you should get this at 89 ignition if you're not Fletch
You really shouldn't risk dying at 10hp, but pay attention anyway, it's a long way back if you die.
10HP accounts start taking 1 damage at 56FM even without warm clothes, but if you dug up Clue Hunter's boots and gloves before then
so you can use them.

Keep opening chests until you have 200k gp in the bank, after that save them for later for better rewards.
Ideally, you should hold on to the crates until you run out of bank space, but if you don't get 12 mage logs from the starting crates,
then you will open them before the Desert Treasure.

Drilling logs is not worth it in my opinion, but if you want to do it, go ahead. Personally, I only take one when running away from
roots to the embers.

If you want, feel free to get 99 fire starts at once. Be sure to keep the chests in the bank after 200k gp for better loot

Inv: GP, several cakes, chronicle, bronze sword
Tele residential, Lumby
Buy 3 buckets and 1 pack of buckets in the shop

Walk north to Fred's farm
Buy raw chicken at Fred's
Get the egg north of Fred
Kill 1 calf for meat
Fill 3 buckets with milk
The milk cow is north of the windmill.

Walk to the barbarian village(you can walk east of Draynor Manor across the river, don't walk around talking or anything)
Get the ammo mold and notes for the Dwarf Cannon
use the telechronicle

Start Gertrude's cat, get the drawing leaves, use the leaves on the sardine
Inv: kanta, barcrawl karta, rune and GP mystery pack

Continue Gertrude's cat, talk to the kids in the center of Varrock.
Talk to Romeo to start the Romeo and Juliet quest
Start Demon Slayer, get 2 keys in Varrock
Talk to Reld for the Knight's Sword quest
Make Shield of Arrav on any Varrock visit

Buy gloves and a pink skirt at the clothing store
Buy a rotten tomato from the box next to the guy keeping the achievement log
Grab a barcrawl drink at the bar south of the Varrock Fountain
Buy 4 beers in the same bar

Create a museum for 9 Hunter and Slayer
Give the package to Aubury, talk to him again for the notes
Buy 100 fire runes, 300 earth and water runes, 4000 mind, 8000 ray
Buy a fire stick

Inv: 100 GP, Barcrawl Map, Bucket of Milk, Spicy Sardines, Cakes
Walk towards Edgeville
Start the Abyss mini-quest by talking to the Zamorak mage in the jungle.
Get 2 Iron Bars from Wild Spawn, Map:http://i.imgur.com/JKAil41.png
Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (13)
CHIM; this is pretty safe, just be ready to walk away if you see a white dot.

Walk to the pub northeast of Varrock
Grab a drink for a barcrawl
Continue with Gertrude's cat in the woodshed

Varrock East Rim, inv: Pijuk, chronicle
Fill 1 inventory bucket with water
Collect the Kadava Berries and 16 Red Berries (bush location:https://i.imgur.com/zS8PIZi.png)
Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (14)
Mine 4 copper ore
TV news

Kill Gertrude's cat, continue breeding cats with the sardines you bought
talk to juliet
West Varrock, inv: GP, Rune, barcrawl map, fire crew

Walking towards Falador
Buy a bronze medical helmet from a barbarian village
Get 13 spells on barbarians
If you know how to safely locate the first 2 npc from the witch house quest, you can skip getting 13mage here
Use the trees to locate the bear looking for its meat near the altar of the mind.

Grab a drink at the Falador Bar for the Barcrawl
Buy 5 wizard mind bombs from the bar
Buy 8 wod leaves, bid 20 gp to get 2 leaves
Bank, inv: GP, cheese, runes, all 4 druid ritual meats, 18 cakes. equip gloves

Make a witch's house
Reserve the first 2 stages on the north side of the shed and run to a safe point when you need to eat
It's possible to locate the first 2 safely, but with a fire attack you're in no real danger of dying from the cake.
make a druid ritual
Buy 1 PACK of Newt's Eyes and Pestle and Mortar in Taverly

Inv.: Pickaxe, Sea Eye, 2 Iron Bars, Water Bucket, Pie Plate, Red Berries, Some Food.
make a blackberry pie
You can buy flour and berries at the Port Sarim grocery store.
Also buy 1 raw meat in the store and set it on fire (cook it twice)

Complete the witch's potion quest
Dovršite Knight's Sword Quest
My 2 blurites, 1 is for the diary

Cale home and go to al-kharid
Buy 50 threads, 3 needles and all patterns at the craft store.
Start rescuing the prince there and talk to Osman

Buy 1 inv of Bronze Bars for Shentai Pass Quests.
Create a tourist trap
Captain's Pointhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFxB4zWqrd8


Tele minigame to the fishing boat
Buy 2 buckets of slime
Buy 10 flour from the shop
Buy buckets of sand and soda until you reach your login limit.
In total, you only need to buy about 1200 buckets of sand and soda, the rest will be made by other methods
I recommend buying these supplies when you're not working for more than 10 minutes, so you can buy them again when you log in.

Mine 15 clay south of Khazard

Inv: Vatreni udar, barcrawl karta, bolos, machado
West Tower of Life Fire Attack Imps for all 4 accounts
martial arts arena
In the Tree Dwarf Village, pick up the Glarial Stone on the way to the waterfall
The safespot of a gambling warlord who uses another account to block him or just bounce in and out of his aggressive range.

Use the ghost tree and go to the hazard battlefield.
Run to the ZMI bank and locate the guinea pig warrior until you get the rune saber
Getting scim is optional but not very rare and you still get mage xp.
You can also buy a rune sword from the champions guild if you don't want to camp with sabers.
Grab a drink at Bar Ardy for a barcrawl.

Buy 4 packs of compost from the Ardy Farming Shop.
Practice 42 spells on the moss giants near the fishermen's guild.
bury the bones
From this point on, use teleports if you're saving time/energy. I won't write all the teleports in this guide.

Cult Hazel
Grab a drink for the barcrawl mission at Brimhaven Bar
make a tribal totem
Buy swordfish and karamwans from the food shop where you will be tasked with some of the more difficult tasks.

inv: No GP, Glarial Stone, Dwarven Cannon Notes and Ammo Mold, Rope, 6 Air/Water/Earth Runes, Cakes
Finish the dwarf cannon
Throw the runes outside Glarial's tomb, get the amulet and the urn
the final waterfall

Tele minigame to the fishing boat
charter do luke sarim
Go to Zeah and get 15% Hosidius Favor, 100 Compost and Saltpeter
Train 42 robs a fruit stand near a plantation, disposes of strange fruits and bald tops
You can lock the dogs in the building
Use strange fruits to restore energy, they don't last long, but you can do some missions with them

Tele residential, Lumby
Kitchen assistant
Start the RFD and watch the scene to unlock the bank chest
Buy 7 buckets of milk

Inv: no gp, 20 balls, 8 cookies
shears sheep
Steal HAM members for a rusty sword
If you get them, keep the dresses, opals and buttons
Collect 12 onions from Fred's farm

Get the key tag, wig and skin paste to save Prince Ali
Run the Vampire Slayer, get the 3 garlics in the upstairs closet
Make 4 red, 4 blue and 5 yellow colors
You can simply use the ingredient on Aggie to skip all dialogue.
Buy birdhouse seeds from Olivia until you reach your login limit
Buy 20 teleports for chronicle

the wizard's tower
Equipment: Fire personnel, Chronicle
Inv: Fire Strikes, Mysterious Rune Notes, 4 Beads, 20 Bones (Kill goblins south of Draynor Prison)
Finish with the Imp catcher
Complete rune mysteries
Get the Phantom's Skull
Kill 5 chickens/mages, give 25 bones for demon slayer key

TV news
Inv: GP, Cadava berries and Julia's letter (item name is just 'message')

Continue Romeo and Juliet, take the cadaver potion
Buy an iron chain from Horvik
Continue Abyss miniquest, get clairvoyant orb, visit ess mines
Complete Demon Slayer
Take the role of a vampire hunter from the Blue Moon Inn

Finish Romeo and Juliet

Spirit tree for a gnome stronghold

a gnomish fortress
Use Brimstails to go to the ess mine (make sure you still have the seer's orb with you)
start a big tree
Inv: GP, Chronicle, Bark Pattern, Translation Notes, Barcrawl Card, Fire Attack

Tele from the Clan Wars minigame, recharge and go to castle wars
Grab a barcrawl drink at Yanille Pub
Buy 2 Bird Traps, 2 Butterfly Bowls and a Butterfly Net from the Hunting Store

Go to Hazelmere and follow the big tree until you reach the Karamja Shipyard.
From Karamja charter shipyard to Karamja, point Musa
Grab a barcrawl drink at the bar south of the banana trees

Sarim's wound
Grab a drink at a bar in Sarim Harbor for a barcrawl
Make Karamja and Port Sarim part of Pirate's Treasure Quest

TV news
Get the pirate message from the Blue Moon Inn, you can drop it AFTER you read the message

Spirit tree for a gnome stronghold
Finish the big tree
That should give you 43 mages, if you didn't get 43, shoot some guardian gnomes

Buy a ready-made advertisement, 4 vodkas, pieces of pineapple
spirit tree for ardy

Inv: GP, Seer Sphere, Pickaxe, Fire Strike, 1 Wizard Mind Bomb, 1 Rune of Law
Start biohazard, save 3 pots and taste
Visit ess mines, clairvoyance orb 3/3

If you didn't lay bread when you got 25 loot, buy 15 now from the cake stand owner
If you somehow didn't get the iron ore from Wintertodt, then mine 2 east of Ardy

Use bomba mental e camelot tele
Start Merlin's Crystal and talk to Gawain and Lancelot

Buy a candle, 2 fishing rods, a lobster pot
Buy 15 pineapples from the charter
Place the pineapple in the compost
Buy 1 pack of normal compost and all farm tools, store all in the leprechaun

(Video) The Most Efficient Ironman in OSRS [Ep. 1]

start a fishing competition
Kill Mordred and take the bat bones/black candle for Merlin's crystal

Inv: GP, barcrawl map, pot, shovel, fishing rod, garlic
do a murder mystery
Grab a drink at the seers bar for a barcrawl
Complete the fishing competition
Inv.: 6 clay, 4 copper, 2 iron

Go down the mountain and talk to the Lady of the Lake in Taverly
Complete Doric's mission

Complete the pirate treasure
Make 5 Molten Glass
Build a Black Knight fortress
Create a recruitment campaign
Inv: GP, 4 biological items, 1 bread

Making Rimmington part of Biohazard
Buy a black wizard's hat in Port Sarim
Port Sarim Jewelry, give bread to a beggar to get excalibur
Lay the plague pattern on the Entrane monks

Tele mini game for clan wars, recharge your energy and go to castle wars
inv: GP, 3 planks, bronze bar, molten glass, runes, food, 10 empty anti-poison slots
Take the Super Antivenom (1) up to the application limit, decant them
Complete the Observatory mission

The term O Restless Spirit
Start The Lost Tribe
Teleport to Varrock

Continue the lost tribe until you have to go to the goblin village
Buy priest robes (save them after the quest), boots, gloves

Complete the Abyss mini-quest
Get the magic words for Merlin's crystal on the altar
Continue with biohazard

Complete the Digisite mission
Chronicle tele and start Dragon Slayer in Champions Guild
Use the spirit tree G.E and go to the khazard battlefield

Complete Biohazard and you can also start an underground passage while you're there.
Complete Ardy's easy tasks and get the cape
Use the flashlight on agility. It's not worth holding on, we won't have 30herb for a long time and 2.5k xp isn't much anyway
Exchange the cat for 200 runes of death

Make a jungle potion
Shilo village
CHIM; Buy some Carambvan and Swordfish from the Brimhaven Food Shop. Be careful in the last multicombat dungeon, it probably is
the most dangerous area for a long time. Just eat as soon as you get hit and you'll be fine.

inv: pickaxe, hammer, lit candle, excalibur, bat bones, black candle, lighter, knife
Teleport to Camelot
Complete or Merlin crystal
Start the Holy Grail and talk to Merlin

Get light boots
Radionica Make Elemental 1
Buy 1 inv stew in Psychic bar
inv: Brooch and Book of the Lost Tribe, blue/orange

faladorski teleport
Do goblin diplomacy
continue the lost tribe

Tele residential, Lumby
I finished the lost tribe
Make 5 soft clays
inv: gp, 5 silver ore
Go through the gate to Al-Kharid

1.2 Robbery, fishing and mining

Start a rivalry on Ali Morrisane
Buy the desert costume from Ali Morrisane for The Feud quest and you'll get 15 cooking with the raw chicken he sells
Melt 5 silver, make hair and sacred symbol without rope, keep 3 bars
Give the keyprint and bronze bar to Osman for the mission to rescue Prince Ali

lead the fight
CHIM; if you are afraid to go to the wizard bank, unlock the rune shop.
Don't worry about the blackjack mini-task, they all have the same knockout chance, so use willow blackjack

Blackjack up to 50 thieves, you can buy wine from the food bar.

If you plan to fish with 3 ticks, call Lumby home and get 15 Swamp Tar now.
If you think you're going to keep messing around and doing tar over and over again, it might be worth getting 23 hunters
and using kebbit claws with leather webbing. 23 hunters only need less than 1 hour.

Ardy camouflage the body and take Ardy's boat to Brimhaven
Take the trolleybus to the village of Shilo
Use the furnace to craft molten glass up to crafting level 32
Buy 25,000 feathers from the fishing shop in Shilo village
If you can't buy them, open some of your Wintertodt crates.

Get 58 Trout and Salmon Fishing
You can easily breed cats while doing this fishing, as you can just feed them the fish you catch.
I recommend making a total of 10 cats for the death runes, after which it's up to you to decide if you can be bothered.

Tele mini game for Burthrope Playroom
Cook all the trout, don't cook the salmon yet

Tele minigame Barb Assault
Get 50 barb fishing agility, should be at 74 fishing.
You can feed the kitten caviar and roe, bring a knife to cut fish
I honestly can't recommend any other way to train to 50 agi than fishing, it doesn't take that long and you will need fish levels
in the end though.

After 50 agility
Minijogo Burthrope telephones
Complete the Rogue's Lair minigame to get the full rogue outfit. Guided by Lelador,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5tQewEZPe4

Cook salmon for energy regeneration after each attempt of 1 minigame
Buy 50 pickaxes while you're here

Equip the set and return to blackjack until you have 2.5 million GP (about 84 steals)
Carpet back to Shantay Pass
Inv: teleport runes, all golem quest items

If you got the Cosmic Moss Giant Runes or unlocked Ali's Rune Shop, craft 1 or 2 Duel Rings now to speed up the next 2 missions.
launch a golem
Finish the Golem, get the gems with the chisel and hammer

Make Shadow of the storm (must have priest robe and black mage hat in bank as your black items)
Jerk the demon with rune sabers, just switch to dark light for the last hit.
If you didn't make the jump while training the mage, buy a rune sword from the champion's guild
Make an attack potion for combat, speed it up a bit
Use the western torch as your safe point,https://i.imgur.com/kvn6Mf5.png

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (15)

Go to Edgeville and talk to Oziach to continue with the Dragon Slayer
Go to the mage bank and buy 6k nats, all the cosmos you can get by buying nats and 10 lei runes for every world up to 300 lei
This may take more than 1 trip. HCIM can buy them from ali morrisana if you don't want to risk the mage bank, although they are more

Teleport to Falador
Get 2 buckets of sap from this tree near the speaker's east coast,http://i.imgur.com/YoH5z70.png
Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (16)
Buy extra picks and runes from the mine pick shop.

Varrock complete light journal for armor, makes the next step a little faster
You can get the praise request by talking to Historian Mines on the 2nd floor
use museum lamps in herbology
Even beyond 30 herbs, use a diary lamp on agility

Mine 3000 iron ore in the ardy monastery, reheat it while walking to the ardy bank and come back with the ardy cloak.
3 ticks make this a lot faster if they can bother you
Make medium tracks if you get them from mining you can get a yew bow as a reward (Comp bow works too, it's for iko's temple)
There are many ways to increase your magic, I just like this one because you get mining, forging, and later arrows xp.
Don't forge bars into anything yet

1.3 fairy rings, 43 prayers, kingdom, 99 theft

Smith 3 Brass String
buy a longbow made of oak

Start Priest in Peril
If you weren't able to buy 400 steel nails at the beginning, check the sawmill now.

priest in danger
Start the Rag and bone man on the way to the temple

Create the spirit of nature
Buy 1 raw shark from the Canifis food shop
Lá Criatura de Fenkenstrain
Use the Phasmatys oven from the door, you must have slime in the bank, use it to get 5 ecto-tokens

Inv: Tele runas, gp, rune scim
Use o Chronicle tele

Go to Champions Guild and continue Dragonslayer, ask all questions
Buy a green leather cap, leggings, and vamps
Kill a nearby ram, bear and unicorn for their bones (Rag and bone man quest)
Camelot tele

Kill the giant bat (rag and bone man) southwest of Catherby
Create an Elemental 2 workshop

Inv: Axe, Rope, Lighted Candle, Hammer, Stake (Vampire Slayer), Shovel
Get the Duke's Dragon Shield
Kill the bone goblin for the rag and bone man

lumby swamp
Get a big frog drum (you have to enter the caves), a huge rat bone (for rag and bone man too)
start the lost city
Go to Draynor Castle
Make Ernest the chicken, finish off the vampire hunter
Dig up the skull for part 1 of the fairy tale while you're in the area to save time later

Talk to the High Priest for the Holy Grail
Get at least 5 Dramen Branches, craft 2 Poles
Complete The Lost City

Start the 1st part of the fairy tale.
The quest guide on os.rs.wiki lists where 3 random items can be obtained.
If you get the nature count sequence, go to the inv food chasm and kill the leeches. Be careful to trap them for only 1 attack.
Flinch Tanglefoot neste local:https://i.imgur.com/2Ejgx0h.png

Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (17)

Finish the fairy tale 1
Talk to martin to start Fairytale2
Buy 35 jars of vinegar
Buy 1 Marigold Seed, 3 Cabbage Seeds, 3 Onion Seeds from the Draynor Seed Market
Rescue Prince Ali from prison

While we wait for the March crops for FT2

Calf for Lumby
Start the Evil Dave subtask for RFD
If you don't have a cat, get one now.
Kill 2 cows and make 1 soft skin and 1 hard skin
The smell of gold from 1 inv, must have come from Wintertodt
ako nisi dobi zlato onda idi iskopaj neki rudnik alkharida
Make 1 return ring, 10 play necks, and the rest in two-color rings
From this point on, just use the Clan Wars teleport as your energy refill before teleporting to a new location.

Talk to Martin for Fairytale 2
Go unlock the fairy rings in Zanaris

Bring gp, maze key, 90 steel nails, 3 planks, hammer, food, runes
Telegraph to POH and complete Melzar's Labyrinth (Dragon Slayer Mission)
Walk to the Sarim Harbor Prison and telegraph the second part of the map
Buy and Repair a Ship (Dragon Slayer)
tele do pada

swallow gp, runes, argila macia, mage mind bomb, locust pot, silk
Equip your anti-dragon shield and return ring now so you don't forget it later
Make an unbaked bowl in the splinter village

talk to the oracle
Get the third part of the Dragon Slayer map
Calf for Lumby

take Ned as your captain for Dragon Slayer

Go to Crandor and open the shortcut to Karamja Volcano
Bring swordfish/caramba as food
As soon as you get off Crandor, climb back up for the mid-caram daily quest.
Kill Elvarg, you can travel as much as you want
There are some shaky spots in the room, but honestly you shouldn't have any problems with this fight. Step under Elvarg while eating
Complete the dragon slayer and buy the greenskin cannon from Oziah

Wear gloves and pick 5 nettles from the yew trees
Make a stew for Evil Dave while in Edgeville
If you don't have a cat, leave it for later, don't bother doing it with a cat

Calf for Lumby
Fill the container with water, put the nettle and put it on the stove. (This is for ghost hunting)
Complete the Evil Dave handout
Do death to Dorgeshuun. When picking up the dresses, keep the buttons (if you didn't pick them up when picking up the Rusty Sword)
Buy a dorgeshuun crossbow and 4000 bone bolts
Thief Bullseye Dorg chest lantern
I need a key to the chests

(Video) Oziris HCIM Death

Finish the Holy Grail
Igrajte Deep Quest Horror
Just hurt the dagannoth and hide when it's weak to targets and range. Turn off running so you don't get caught in the crowd, it's not hard
with blast spells. Use suitable foods such as swordfish and karamwans.

Make a Turael assassin with a dorg cbow up to 37 range

We will use Turael until you complete 50 quests, every 10th quest must be done with the highest level assassin master you can use.
Although we are using Turael the goal is to get xp assassins so you should always kill monsters with higher hp for example
in bat tasks kill giant bats. Vannaka has a lot of bad quests, so I think this is better overall.

Get 100% hosidius service, you must have 300 dates in the bank
at 45% increase the cafeteria to 100% and don't forget to secure service by talking to Hos
Buy a mithril and a rune ax from the Woodcutter's Guild
does animal magnetism

Buy a mithril plate from Horvik in Varrock
Buy al-kharid mithril plate bolts
Obavite quest Spirits of the Elid
You can use mithril armor to tank golems or stagger them if you're taking too much damage.

Complete the passage for the Underground mission
Use mithril armor for this quest, you don't need anything better at this point and you'll need to buy it later anyway
CHIM; While this quest might seem dangerous without the extra cost, it honestly isn't. Watch the video.

Here's a video of me completing the quest with the same combat stats you would have:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WI2SYhpwIh8

You can trap the paladins one after the other in the same way as the captain of the tourist trap quest.
For the spider, there are 2 skeletons on the east wall, stand between them, then damage the big one with the ground. Sometimes
a small one will attack you, but just run north a bit then come back to the same place, it will get stuck.

Update the iban team
Get 50 attacks by doing more Turael slayers, don't forget to get every 10th quest from Vannaka
If you get a quest from Vannaka that you really can't do without crowd protection, go kill sand crabs for up to 50 attacks

Make a magic amulet
Kill blue dragons with iban blast for 43 prayers
We don't have a shortcut level yet so don't worry about hiding, it doesn't pay twice as many times.
Add 2400 xp to your current prayer xp and calculate how many bones you need, level 43 requires 50339 xp and 1 bone is 288 xp with
ectofuntus (2.4k pray xp is from ghosts ahoy quest which will be completed before using bones)
Regular ironmen can use wild altar if they want, but it's only about 85 bones with ecto anyway, so do either method.

Keep 1 dragon bone in your bank for the Watchtower quest

Tele minigame for hazard
Buy as many slime buckets as you need for bones
Opremite amulet Ghostspeak
If you haven't made nettle water before, do it now.

Make sure you have all ahoy ghost items
bring GP stack, 9 d bones, 9 pot, 9 slime, shop sells pots if you don't have any
Charter do luke Phasmatys

eat ghosts today
Grind 9 d bones and offer them, get ecto tokens
Get rid of ghosts
Grind the rest of your bones to get 43 prayers

Go monkey crazy, focus the reward on attack and defense
Do Dara! is looking for

Get 40 assassins
Reminder once again, every 10th quest from Vannaka (or chaeldar if you already have 70cb)
Scrolling the prayer is recommended, but Turael's tasks are very easy, so they are not required.
Train your range to 40 first, then start training your attack

Complete the Shades of Morton quest
IF there is no one else to help you, you can leave this quest for later, assuming you've used museum lamps in herbology before.
Take the book to the apothecary in Varrock to get free herb xp

Get 25 Herblore if you haven't already
Do a hero quest

Uzmi Fremennik testove
From the throne of various
make real problems

Put at least 750k gp into the kingdom, plant 10 plants and 5 maples
Always have 10 plants, but you can switch to 5 teak at some point if you want. Maples are good for afk fleching and
If you want the absolute maximum return, you need to get your service back 100% EVERY DAY instead of just when you collect,
however, it doesn't make much difference if you don't. I personally do this about every 3 days.

Go back to blackjack for a few hours and put more money into the kingdom so it doesn't drop below 750k

Clear the finds in the museum until you find all 5 items you can get for praise AND a ruby ​​necklace
Complete the Bone Voyage mission
Set up your first birdhouses
Alkan's video showing you how to get started if you haven't already:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tf02JEqkUcA
Birdhouses are deprecated, but they are still by far the best training method for most of your hunting experience.

I won't remind you to build a birdhouse, do it every 50 minutes
Don't worry about waking up every 50 minutes to run, but during the game at least try to be consistent with them.

AFTER your first run in the birdhouse, remote control operation should be your lowest skill
Do the Tears of Guthix quest, play the minigame weekly, it's really worth it
RC should always be your lowest skill when doing this

Start the Giant Dwarf quest to unlock Keldagrim
Buy 2 supplies of gold ore from the blast furnace shop
Go to Edgeville's Furnace and make many pendants and necklaces for the game
Make Molten Glass up to 45 crafting, assuming you have supplies. You will need 45 for the shipboard when you get 44 fighters.
45 is about 1k buckets of sand and soda

Change your house to Pollnivneach so you can run to the birdhouse and quickly get back to blackjack.
99 thieves win :)

To be honest, it's not absolutely necessary to get 99 all at once, but it's only recommended for the gp you get.
99 cloaked steal also means you never fail to steal master farmers, so if you can't get 99 then you'll have to
get your birdhouse seeds from olivia or make master breeders without 100% success rate.

It is possible to make ardy knights instead, if you want you will need to make medium ardy for them daily.
Ardy medium requires mithril claw, you can get it as a drop from barbarian spirits if you don't want to forge and
flirtatious at this point. Iban's blast with melee protection is probably the best option.

This guide assumes you have 99 thief gp, but most of it is used up after coupe gloves, so you can still follow this
like 99

Buy a thief's cloak
The bark keeps farmers busy for a few hours to get a decent amount of seed for crops and birdhouses.
Don't forget to use rogues and cloak 99 whenever you conquer the farm
Never grow guam, marrentil or tarromins. (unless you're hcim and need marrentiles to train prayer, farm them later)
Driver Lelador,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMCM-tOxCJ0

1.4 Different skills, from agility to grace

Now that we have the kingdom AND the birdhouse up and running, it's time to get back to fishing.

Depending on your goals, there are several options for when to stop chasing barbs:

If you don't want to fish, but you are happy with fishing 74, go to the next step.

Getting 84 fishing points will give you 60 agility points, which is a decent enough level as the Seers course is actually pretty good for
train. 84 fishing also unlocks monkfish and minnows for PVM

94 fishing is 70 agility and 70 str. It gives you access to the voting course, and when you become graceful, you'll have around 80 agility.
This also means you can get defenders very quickly as you only need up to 60 attacks.

97 fishing is 72 agi and p. It is recommended to stop here if you intend to do some PVM, but your goal is also to maximize the last one.
2m xp virá de karams/minnows/fishers za PVM

99 fishing if you run max.

Choose the option that suits you best. If you go minnow fishing, get a fishing suit at 81 fishing to catch stingrays instead of some bad fish like swordfish.

Keep making birdhouses while you fish.

After fishing (or during if you want a little break)

Buy pineapples for supercompost from chartered boats
Place 15 pineapples in each of the compost bins on the divider beds
Don't patch Hosidius yet, we'll be doing construction soon, which requires a house in Rimmington, so it's not worth changing
home to Kourend for 1 composting and then back

Mine volcanic ash for ultracompost, get about 2k so you don't have to keep coming back to the mine anymore
Make "compost", which means you just take the compost from the bin and put another set of pineapples in it.
Store 15 super compounds in a leprechaun for one mission, and turn the rest into ultras
Use volcanic ash in a full bucket instead of individual buckets of supercompost

Buy ~200 chocolates from the Grand Tree food shop, don't buy too much as it's faster later in the RFD chest
Make energy vessels, many royal harralanders

Camelot tele
Plant barley seeds in the hop field northwest of Seers, pay the farmer 3 regular fertilizers to take care of them

Tele blast furnace minigame
Complete the Giant Dwarf quest
if you need more rubies or emeralds, the gem stall in keldagrim is usually stocked.

The next 2 missions have periods where you have to wait for things to happen, screw the iron arrowheads while you wait

A forgettable story about the search for a drunken dwarf
There is an anvil near the bank in Keldagrim
Your barley will be ready when you need it, use it in the stove to make barley malt

The search for the garden of peace

(Video) Adventure of Noobiris - Episode 1

Travel Mission Illuminated
While waiting for the willow to grow;

Faca Eyes of glouphrie i Tower of life
Smith the rest of your tips for iron arrows, leave 20 bars for quests

Make a farm out of limpwurt, harralander and more compost
I won't mention farm runs anymore, just do them whenever you want.
Always use ultra compost for herbs, for lame would just use regular compost as the seeds are so easy to get.

Go to the Woodcutter's Guild
Cut and craft 1500 oak planks
Inside the ax shop is a safety deposit box that is quicker to use than a bank.
Conquer 50 buildings
lvl 22-33, oak dining table in the dining room
lvl 33-50, oak pantry in the kitchen

Do the quest for the temple of Ikov
Start throwing iron darts as you run around doing missions
If you didn't get a yew bow with the medium strokes you got thanks to the skill, shooting the eclectic is probably the best option.

Complete the Regicide quest
Pick up some blackberries north of the elf tracker

Complete the Enlightened Quest if you haven't already
Unlock Castle Varrock and newspaper balloon wars

Go to a small island on Fossil Island with a bench, where you snorkel in patches of sea grass
Make 2 lamp lenses before you use up all your molten glass

Dive and blow all your molten glass into powerless orbs
The goal here is to catch the seaweed spores that appear from time to time.
Like this:https://i.imgur.com/ecDT2Az.png
Oldschool Runescape Ironman Guide OsirisRS (18)
Spores can spawn north of the anchor, so check the minimap, not just the item layer
I was getting about 25 spores/hr while doing this, not much but it will get you started.
Plant the kelp after you get the first 2 spores.

Complete the task Hand in the Sand, get sand every day

Complete these missions while throwing darts:
Great bird hunting
Rag and Bone Man (part one, you should already have all the bones in the bank)
Start legendary quest (obtain vanilla pod for RFD)
plateau of death
Troll Fortress

I guess you've thrown all your darts now.

Return to the kelp patches to pick up random kelp spores.
Fletch maple shortbows (u) até 55 Fletching
Turn all your maple logs into long maple bows (u)
You will get a weight warning but you can just ignore it, it makes no difference unless you go into deep water
Be sure to leave some maple logs for the birdhouses.

Buy 2300 gold ore from the blast furnace ore shop, 2 inves per world
Get goldsmith gloves
Win 60 hardver

Idi u Edgeville
Turn gold bars into gold BRACELETS, leave about 30 bars to teleport gems if you need to do more
A reminder to buy rubies from the Keldagrim or Kourend Castle gem stalls if you run out
The reason we make bracelets instead of charms is the extra 120gp per high alch which is worth more than 5xp

Grab the Mage Arena Cloak while you're here
Buy another ~6k nats (from the mage bank, take cosmics too)
CHIM; if you are afraid you should still have enough nats to get 63mage with alching and then you can level up to join the mage guild.

Take agility to full grace
Align your gold bracelets and maple bows while doing agility
Loot the kingdom and craft more longbows to alchemize if you run out. Finish gracefully even if you don't have enough alchevs.

Should get to around 70 wizards when you're done with agility for now

Complete all RFD subtasks
Get 70 cooking in Hosidius Dining Hall if you failed to fish in 3tick
Buy a bunch of chocolate powder from the chest and make energy containers

Complete the quest A soul's bane
Varrock Medium Complete Journal
As for daily bstaffs, I personally don't bother with them these days because you get a lot of gp anyway. If you want to do them then
i recommend waiting until at least 59rc so you can rc duplicate cosmics

Get crafting supplies for 61 crafts, make molten glass in Edgeville
Burn your seaweed in baking soda
Place a house on Yanille and fill your buckets with sand, dump it in G.E using the varrock calf after the middle journal
I don't have an exact number for how much sand and ash you need, you can calculate it like this:
(303000-current experience) / 72.5
It should be just under 1500
Get 61 ships, best to do it underwater again due to seaweed spores

1.5 Schedules and finalization of RFD

Plant the flake seeds, you'll soon need an agility potion for the mission
Napravite Mithril Claw

Complete these quests for PQ and dailies:
Another piece of H.A.M.
Icthlarin's little helper
eagles peak
Enakhra's Lament
rat catchers
olaf's quest
between the stones
this is a trio
carnivore tomorrow
Rum deal & Cabin fever (Req 42 assassin, you have to be close to this. Get the quest from Mazchna for Mory's diary if you don't have it)
For the order of 47 prayers, you can use the old mace specifications to increase
a small favor
sentinel quest

Complete all light and medium daily tasks
Wildy and Fremmy medium require more Slayers, save them for when you switch back to Slayer.
You probably don't have the Fally Medium Diary Crystal Key yet, so leave that for later as well.
For the Lumby 50 series, I recommend cbow bone pest control
If you don't have 70cb for the center of the boat go to matador now, train attack to 60 then defense to 70cb
You can also stay until you get 250 points for empty funds, good mage def. Need 55 reach for redbeards anyway.

Make an Assassin up to 60 attacks
Kupite Dragon scim i Dragon battle axe

Play Edgar's trick
Make my hand a great adventure
From the treasure of the desert
Get as much healing hp as you can from stored herbs, then open the Wintertodt chests for mage records if you haven't gotten them before.
If you didn't get any wizard records from the boxes, your best bet would probably be nature implements in pure pures
You could do more wintertodt, even at 55hp and 90fm you only take 3dmg from normal hits
Wood cutting training is also an option

Complete RFD, buy B gloves
Here's a video of me killing bosses with stats following this guide, it's not too hard:

2. Goals after Barrows Gloves

Thief lords over farmers every time you run out of seeds, matador doesn't give as many herb seeds until higher levels.

Get 70 mining and engage in lunar diplomacy
It takes 60 for now, but I recommend 70 to complete Fremmy's hard shortcut journal very early

From Magic training arena to bones to peaches (daily needs) and infinite boots. You must get 77 magic if you reach the edges
You can also get the master's wand if you want, the wizard's book, I'd say it's not worth it, especially if you have the fire tom from WT.

Get 80 crafts
Maybe you don't have enough giant seaweed yet, just level up what you can for now.
You can also use the old rental method, which actually still costs more xp/hr, although I'm not sure how crowded it is these days.
Make at least 2 fames, place one in your house. Make a ring of wealth to wear during the matador
That is, of course, if you already got the crystal keys or dragonstones, which you may not have.

  • Get the Neitiznot Helm
  • Get the BA Combat Torso
  • Get the defender dragon

If you haven't hunted str levels, you will need to kill the defenders first to gain access to the warrior guild.

Train defense up to 60 while gaining defenders

Read the rest of the guide to find out what's next.


Start killing. A lot of stupid tasks at first, but I just have to solve them.
There must be many ranarra master farmers if you don't want to beg.

Priority of killer points;
Blokovi* > Superior Slayer > Slayer's Ring Unlock > Blocks* > Herb Sack/Slayer's Helm > Finisher Broads/Garg > Extensions
*Read the blocked list

How you kill these days doesn't really make a difference as long as you're fighting nechryals in the assassin's tower, that's how I like to kill.

Use Nieve up to 100 fights
Nieve block/skip list

Suqah (Block this ASAP)
Black Demon (trash, skip if no blocking points)
Kalphite (Block after superiors and rings, you can kill low levels for quick points)
Hellhound (Block after superiors and rings, do it if you don't have 100 points, not worth skipping)

Iron dragon
steel dragon
brine rats
Turoth (Not terrible but I wouldn't do it, definitely skip before the herb bag)
Mutant zygomites (you can do this for points if you like cba too)
water demons

Some additional notes:
The only task I expand on is nechryals
I use quick bracelets in all short quests like ankou, black dragon
The only tasks I use Slaughter Bracelets for are:
blue dragon
lizardman shaman (tap to kill) before DWH
Abby demons before whipping if I don't mind stepping up for it
Kraken in front of the trident.

Get 58 assassins and camp for black mask, make paths for black skin
From Slayer to level 70

If you've been hunting maples for a while, stop making longbows around 75 arrows and make arrow shafts.
You need about 700,000 arrows (11,600 maple logs) if you want 99 arrows
The whole process of crafting broad arrows is about 180k xp/h even if you're just standing around, much better than long maple ones
Broad arrows instead of bolts are because arrows are only 5.8gp/xp compared to bolts which are like 20gp/xp

Ironman normalan:
Kill the green dragons for 70 prayers, use them on the wild altar
Also use loot bags and bank skins, make bodies from skins
unlock pity

Upcoming goals:
100% everything favors zeah
100 borbi putem matadora
hunt 2500 red beards, start MM2, beard range 70
A heavy diary of the western provinces
Get 60 buildings using this method:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFH6-oJrJ0o

~92 hunter, get +90 range with beards
fire protection cover
missionary rt
HCIM: Myth's guild green dragons for 70 prayers, use the golden altar

Change to Duradel, karamja 3 gloves or npc contact for new quests
Unlock lizard quests, msb(i) and rune arrows or rcbow and runite bolts are still very decent in the 90+ range against shaman
Unlock dark demons up to 4 zeniths
I just leave the shards in the bank until I get the trident and then go get the chaos runes from the cart
assassin on the trident
fill in solid journals sometime during this routine to mix things up a bit

Duradel block/skip list (again, this is just my preference)

Abyssal Demon (after maybe 5 whip drops, keep the suqah locked until then)
Black Demon (After Zenith)
Hellhound (temporarily unlock when you want cerb)
Cave Kraken (by trident and tentacle)
a greater demon

Suqah (Do 1 task if you need teeth to pay for the spirit tree)
spiritual creatures
fire giant
Iron dragon
steel dragon
brine rats
Kurask (I think they are trash even if you get leaf baxe)
Mutant zygomites (you can do this for points if you like cba too)
water demons

Some additional notes:
The only task I expand on is nechryals
I use quick bracelets in all short quests like ankou, black dragon
The only tasks I use Slaughter Bracelets for are:
blue dragon
lizardman shaman (tap to kill) before DWH
Abby demons before whipping if I don't mind stepping up for it
Kraken in front of the trident.

3. Preparation of PVM, Barrows, Zulrah

After the trident:
Get 83 or higher Herbology, upgrade with Botanical Pie for Antidote
Get 82 buildings with teak, craft a mythic robe assembled for more XP/panel
Before that you could get dragon ax from dx but even with rune ax it's not much slower
Boost +8 const for top tier pool
Nabavite 93 zanata
Make a cart for 120k chaos runes and buy 4 onyx for zenyte
If you get lucky with all the good items first, buy the other runes.
rage is kind of useless so i would wait until onyx drops from zulrah

Kill Zulrah for One

I'll end the tutorial here, you can do whatever you want now that you have the trident, blower, cart, zenith, etc.

Unlike the last 2 versions of this guide, I'm not going to list the exact KC boss for the max total, because rushing the max isn't my playstyle anymore, so I honestly have no idea. Instead, I'll write a few notes about a few things:

Zulrah: Once the answer to all things ironman, but with direct and mostly indirect nerfs, Zulrah has become less important. It's still worth doing zulra for way stations for other activities.

Vorkath: I'm not 100% on it, as I haven't killed many Vorkaths, but I'd probably kill a few thousand after DHCB and rigor. Vorkath is mostly the GP you get, which isn't a big deal, but it's still something a little different than the usual green dragon camping for all your bones.

I think that's it, if there's anything else you want me to write about in this last clip, feel free to tweet me.

We hope you enjoyed this guide.

(Video) Highly "Efficient" Low-Level OSRS Hardcore Ironman Route - Episode 1

Credits and sources

This guide was originally published here:
Old version:http://pastebin.com/u5engCfu

If you want to donate to me to make this guide, here is the link you can use:paypal.me/ozirisrsThis is optional, all donations are greatly appreciated.


What is the best way to level up Iron Man Osrs? ›

Completing quests is the most efficient way for Ironmen to level skills in the early-game. This saves time by avoiding very slow training methods.

What is the best gear in Ironman Osrs? ›

The best Ranged armour available is the Armadyl armour, followed by Karil the Tainted's equipment, Blessed dragonhide armour, and then each regular dragonhide armour set in descending order.

What to do first on Ironman osrs? ›

Combat. To start off, do quests which give you a lot of experience in melee skills upon completion, such as Waterfall Quest, Fight Arena, Vampire Slayer, Witch's House, Tree Gnome Village and The Grand Tree. All of the bosses in these quests can be safespotted and easily defeated with Magic.

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  7. Focus on your weakest discipline. ...
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Herblore is arguably the hardest skill to train on an ironman since collecting the herbs and most of the secondary ingredients can be slow and time-consuming. Therefore, it is advised to put the rewards of every experience lamp and book of knowledge into Herblore if possible.

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Herblore. Herblore is generally considered to be the most difficult skill to train on ironman, because gathering large amounts of herbs can be difficult and takes time. Thus, many ironmen decide to put as much extra experience into herblore as possible, including quest rewards and Jack of trades aura.

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The Mark XL has an incredible ability to fly at very high speeds. The armor can go over the speed of Mach 5, making it the fastest hypervelocity armor ever created by Tony.

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Blocking suqahs and kalphites should be one of your first priorities as an ironman player. Once you have completed hard tasks in the Morytania Diary, it is worthwhile to use the bonecrusher for tasks where you normally would not pick up the bones.

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1. Course Difficulty. Ok, there is no such thing as an “easy” IRONMAN. No matter which race you choose, you will still have to swim the 3.8 km, cycle the 180 km and run the 42 km to reach the famous red carpet.

What is the most profitable skill in Osrs? ›

Mining is one of the most popular Skills in the Game, and for a good reason. When leveled high enough it can be used for making a lot of Gold. The most profitable, but also very Skill-demanding Ore to mine is the Runite Ore.

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Ultra-triathlon - Wikipedia.

What is the least popular skill in Osrs? ›

As of 1 May 2023, Agility is the least common skillcape with 59,241 players having 99 Agility. As of 1 May 2023, Strength is the most common skillcape with 459,400 players having 99 Strength.

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  • Agility: ...
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Inverted Tony Stark was a selfish, boozing, greedy version known as the Superior Iron Man. He created a dangerous new symbiote-infused armor and monetized the Extremis virus to increase his wealth while tormenting the public. Superior Iron Man had no limits or morals, which made him a very dangerous enemy.

Is Ironman hard RuneScape? ›

You'll have to play carefully and pick your battles if you hope to survive this - the toughest of all RuneScape challenges. Please note that Jagex will not reverse the death of a Hardcore Ironman character for any reason - even in the event of connection issues, or account hijacking.

What is the highest total in Osrs? ›

Hitting the max level cap requires all individual skill levels to be maxed out at level 99. In regards to Old School Runescape the free account max level cap is 1395. Players with a membership for Old School Runescape will be able to jump up to level 1782.

What is the biggest hit in Osrs? ›

The max possible hit through normal gameplay means is 195. This is accomplished at 99 strength by utilizing the best strength equipment, the Piety prayer, the Dragon battleaxe special attack, a Black mask, and the Keris partisan on a Kalphite while on a Kalphite slayer task.

What is the strongest Iron Man weapon? ›

By far one of Iron Man's most powerful (and most taxing) weapons is his unibeam. The unibeam is similar to Iron Man's repulsor rays, but far deadlier, firing a concentrated beam of energy directly from Iron Man's chest-mounted arc reactor.

What is Iron Man's weakest Armour? ›

The weakest suit of Iron Man and the strongest

The weakest suit ever worn by the superhero has to be the very first one – Mark I, though it had enough strength to help him get out of the caves where he was held captive, it was no match to the suits that followed. It was built using whatever Tony could find in the cave.

What is the shortest Iron Man time? ›

The fastest Ironman time ever, or what we might consider the best Ironman time ever, is a time of 7:12:12. This “Ironman world record” is held by the incredible Kristian Blummenfelt and was set at Ironman Cozumel in 2021.

What is the best age to do an Ironman? ›

Would You Make A Good Ironman?
  • Age. On average, the age of a best Ironman triathlon performance was between 30 and 35 years for both male and female athletes. ...
  • Body type. Lower body mass and lower body fat are associated with both a faster Ironman race and a faster run split. ...
  • Training. ...
  • Intensity. ...
  • Experience. ...
  • PR.
Oct 17, 2016

Can I wear headphones during an Ironman? ›

6. No Tunes, No Selfies. Headphones, headsets and audio devices are not allowed at any time during any triathlon event. Most races allow you to carry your cell phone if you wish, but it must be stored out of sight in a bike bag or jersey pocket.

Should I get a massage before Ironman? ›

During the Taper: “Getting a massage during the taper, before your event, can be a great way to get your mind ready, which is the most valuable asset during the race,” says Peddle.

What happens to your body during an Ironman? ›

Among the greatest physiological challenges encountered in an Ironman are core body temperature regulation, dehydration, energy depletion, muscle damage, nutrient absorption, and brain fatigue.

What percentage of Ironman finish? ›

The average triathlete spend months, if not years, preparing to compete in an Ironman Triathlon, to finish the 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile marathon in less than 17 hours. In a typical North American Ironman, nearly 95% of those who start will ultimately finish the race.

How do you know if you are ready for an Ironman? ›

5 Signs That You Are Ready For Your First Ironman
  1. You are healthy. Ironman athletes are a determined lot, willing to go farther and train harder than their peers. ...
  2. You have been training for at least six months. ...
  3. You have people who support you. ...
  4. You feel good about yourself. ...
  5. You have actually participated in triathlons.
Mar 11, 2016

Can you remove permanent Ironman Osrs? ›

If your Ironman status is set to 'Limited' or 'Permanent', unfortunately, we're unable to undo this action and your account will remain an Ironman indefinitely.

Which Slayer master for fastest XP? ›

For the fastest Slayer XP, it is not recommended to use Konar. So, the only two Slayer Masters you should be using are Nieve or Duradel. Nieve's most common slayer task is actually a JAD task, which is very different to Duradel's most common task, which is Abyssal Demons.

What is the most efficient way to level Smithing Osrs? ›

If you have the money to burn, smelting Gold Bars at the Blast Furnace provides the highest xp rates of any Smithing training method, and at over 300,000 XP per hour, it is one of the fastest training methods for any skill in the entire game.

What is the best way for Ironmen to get herb seeds? ›

Farming contracts are the most efficient way to get seeds. You should be doing as many Farming contracts per day as possible, they provide a lot of Herblore and Farming experience and are your main source of herb/tree seeds.

What is the best Slayer master for Ironman? ›

Duradel is generally the best Slayer master to use. Konar quo Maten should be used for every milestone task for the extra Slayer reward points.

What is the easiest way to level up Smithing? ›

Leveling Smithing is as easy as using one of the four following methods:
  1. Creating an item.
  2. Tempering/improving an item.
  3. Reading a book that increasing your Smithing skill.
  4. Purchasing levels from a Smithing trainer.
Apr 17, 2023

What is the fastest way to level up Smithing? ›

Since Smithing levels are determined by the value of an item, the best way for you to quickly max out the skill is by crafting Gold Rings. While Gold Rings aren't the highest-value item in the game, they are surprisingly the most efficient item to forge.

How to get Smithing level 100 fast? ›

While the easiest way to do this used to be by smithing iron daggers, a patch removed this glitch and changed Smithing leveling to scale with item worth rather than item quantity. This means that the fastest way to level up your Smithing attribute is by crafting gold rings.

How do you get through an Ironman without sh * tting yourself? ›

The best strategy is to establish a fueling and hydration plan and test it out in training repeatedly for months leading up to your race. Use simulated race day training sessions, such as long rides, long runs, and brick workouts, to practice your fuel plan.

What is the hardest part of an Ironman? ›

Staying mentally focused in the back half of the run is the hardest thing for most people - things get really tough at mile 17 or 18. It's really hard to get running again after a few steps in the aid station. For others (like me), the hardest part is keeping your tummy happy.

What herbs are most profitable Osrs? ›

Cadantine (67 – 99) Cadantine is the only high-level herb with a decent profit margin, although the gold per hour is very similar to growing Irit leaves.

What is the fastest growing herb from seed? ›

1. Basil. When it comes to fast-growing herbs that germinate quickly, basil is the winner. Since basil is sensitive to cold weather, make sure when you plant basil seeds, the temperature remains above 50 F (10 C).

When should I start herb seeds? ›

Generally, you start herb seeds indoors from February to March. February is best for warmer and mild climates, while March is better for colder climates. You don't want to start too early. Herbs can get leggy when grown indoors searching for sun, but it can sometimes still be too cold to plant them outside.

Who is the easiest Slayer Master? ›

Turael is the easiest Slayer Master, found north of Burthorpe bank. He has no minimum combat or Slayer level requirements before players may receive assignments. His daughter, Spria, succeeds him after the events of While Guthix Sleeps.

Who is the hardest Slayer Master? ›

Duradel is the hardest Slayer Master. To be assigned tasks from Duradel, players must have a Slayer level of at least 50, and a combat level of at least 100.

What is the best rune weapon for Ironman? ›

The rune scimitar is the recommended weapon from level 40 to 60 Attack. It is dropped by fire giants and Zamorak warriors, both of which can be safespotted with Magic.


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