meaning of unalome - symbol/tattoo? (2023)

Yogis often get tattoos to represent their commitment to yoga and its philosophy. There are many popular types of tattoos; You may have seen many yoga practitioners with "OM" or "OM".Sanskrittattooed on her body. When it comes to yoga, Unalome is another iconic symbol. This article will explore the meaning and symbolism of unalome, the origin of unalome, and provide some examples of how you can use it in tattoos.

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  • Meaning of unalome
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  • Unalome tells a story
  • What makes Unalome the perfect tattoo?
    • Unalome is timeless
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    • Herz
    • female and male
  • Other popular symbols to combine with Unalome
    • One
    • Balance-Mandala [5][6]
    • Tree of life for grounding [7]
    • Seven chakras [8]
    • Buda
    • Sanskrit
    • Hamsa [9]
    • Namaste
    • Ganesha [10]
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  • Meaning of Unalome – Conclusion
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Meaning of unalome

Boredom is Buddhist

According to popular belief, the meaning of the Unalome symbol is a spiritual emblem associated with Theravada Buddhism.

It can generally be seen as representing the path to enlightenment.

According to the Buddhist vision, the Unalome reflects the life path of every human being. The path can be straight, circular, or winding, paved with fear, fear, joy, or love.

The meaning of Unalome states that the path of life is full of suffering. But even in difficulties and misfortunes, one must keep going and learn new things. It also teaches you to look at yourself objectively.

The Unalome symbol represents our path to enlightenment. It teaches that the path is not always clear or in the right direction.

hindu boredom

Despite being a famous emblem of Buddhism, some believe the Unalome symbol has connotations similar to Hinduism.

From a Hindu perspective, the Unalome sign represents the third eye of Shiva, the supreme god of the Hindu religion.

Lord Shiva is known as the destroyer because it is his job to remove all obstacles in people's lives and beyond. He sits at the top of the hierarchy where he can observe the cosmos and change it at will.

Shiva is also the protector of the universe, controlling everything and transmuting when necessary. Symbolically, the spiral at the base of the Unalome sign represents the eye, and our life is given to us without guidance.

We're the only ones who need to understand where we're going.

Resembling a knotted cord, the upward path indicates each spiritual turning point in our lives.

Knots are obstacles that must be overcome in order to reach the lotus flower at the top. The lotus flower symbolizes perfection in Hinduism and represents moksha or enlightenment (known as nirvana in the Buddhist religion).

Moksha means that when we reach the top and open our spiritual lotus, we are released from the cycle of birth, death and reincarnation.

Unalome tells a story

The basis of Unalome meaning symbolizes the beginning of your existence, the day of your birth, your spiritual awakening or the start of a struggle.

The center lines, which make up most of the image, represent the struggle that fades as we move through life.

This descending line indicates that your life path is a continuation of the path to enlightenment.

Let's take a closer look at this aspect.
Our journey begins at the center of the spiral. The spiral reflects our inability to escape from our mistakes, worries and doubts.

However, our mind sees clearly how the life path unfolds. Gradually break the cycles of suffering.

When we connect to the various emotion networks, we may not realize how confused we are thinking. We all make the same mistakes because we are all human.

Getting out of this cycle is not easy. However, the spiral represents just that.

The Unalome symbol is a visual metaphor for this journey. It is the apex and culmination of our struggle for self-knowledge.

What makes Unalome the perfect tattoo?

Unalome is timeless

No one should worry that their Unalome tattoo will become less meaningful over the course of their lifetime.

Just as each part of the Unalome symbol makes the whole what it is, each stage of the journey to self-discovery is necessary. The beginning is a catalyst for the events leading up to the end; the end could never come without the beginning

As each part is interconnected, its significance and importance can never be surpassed.

Your Unalome can be unique

Many people get Unalome tattooed in a place that has a special meaning to them. It can be on the wrist, neck, shoulder blades, back of the ear, forearm and chest area.

Most Buddhists and Hindus are against getting Unalome tattooed on their feet because they believe feet are dirty and evil.

Therefore, never attach the Unalome symbol to your feet if you wish to recognize its spiritual significance and protect its sacredness.

Most Unalome tattoos have historically been designed as standalone tattoos without any modification whatsoever.

However, as tattoo artists have always sought to deviate from the conventional and try something new, many have begun to infuse their own ideas into the Unalome sign.

Your Unalome tattoo can be incorporated into a larger tattoo or accompanied by OM, Buddha or a meditator.

Variants of Unalome


For example, the image below has dots at the top that represent goal attainment, independence, and enlightenment.

meaning of unalome - symbol/tattoo? (1)


Sometimes instead of dots or above a lotus is depicted

The lotus is a very important symbol in Buddhism and Eastern philosophy. This is due to the inherent property of the lotus flower.

The lotus grows deep in the mud and cannot see the sunlight. However, she pushes her way through the deep ground toward the light, eventually turning into a beautiful flower.

The lotus finds the light despite the difficulties it faces; This is why Eastern religions commonly use it as a symbol of enlightenment.

meaning of unalome - symbol/tattoo? (2)

The lotus in the Unalome symbol represents enlightenment and freedom.

The lines in Unalome represent our challenges in life as we struggle through the mud and grime to eventually blossom into the magnificent creation we were made to be.

We continue on our path to enlightenment and emancipation from everything that has prevented us from seeing the light.

The lotus is a symbol of freedom and enlightenment in the Unalome.

female and male

meaning of unalome - symbol/tattoo? (3)

Depending on its position, the symbol can be either male or female.
Suppose the base of the Unalome (the helical base) points to the right and out; in this case it is considered male according to Buddhist culture.

It is considered feminine when the spiral base of the unalome points to the left and inward.

These are important factors to keep in mind especially if you want Unalome meaning to be your totem.

The type of Unalome meaning you choose will affect the energy you choose to project.

For example, consider the case where we want to radiate feminine energy. In this case, an unalome with the base to the left and inward will suffice.

Choose an Unalome that spirals to the right and in if you want to represent the masculine forces.[3]

Other popular symbols accompanying Unalome


A common symbol that some people include in their Unalome tattoo is the OM symbol.

When you think of Hindu or Buddhist tattoos, the first thing that comes to mind is the OM tattoo, which means I am. It's a signature design seen by tens of thousands of people around the world.

Om is a fundamental concept in Hindu religion and is considered the first sound of the universe. It symbolizes the union of body, mind and soul. Try getting the Om symbol tattooed with an unalome to ground your journey of self-discovery in a sense of oneness.

meaning of unalome - symbol/tattoo? (4)


The many curves and lines of the physical Om symbol symbolize five states of consciousness:

– The lower left curve represents the being's conscious waking state.

– The upper left curve represents the unconscious state.

– The lower right curve represents the dream state or the transition between wakefulness and unconsciousness.

– The semicircle above represents the state of Maya. "Maya" means "illusion" and according to Kumar is the most important obstacle to spiritual growth.

– The top dot represents the absolute state. “If you can just be,” the author continues, “that is the highest state of consciousness; the ultimate degree of spiritual bliss.”


Another beautiful design that can add a story to the meaning of Unalome is the mandala. A mandala is a symmetrical arrangement of symbols, usually arranged in a circle.

The circle is a symbol of the universe as a whole. The circle symbolizes eternity, harmony, balance and abundance because it never ends. This eternity embraces all other shapes and designs and gives the impression of harmony, calm and wholeness.

Foundation giving tree of life[7]

The tree of life is typically depicted as a huge tree with roots reaching deep into the earth and branches reaching skyward.

These roots point to the interconnected nature of the universe, an eternal connection between the physical realm in which we are anchored and the spiritual realm we aspire to.

The meaning of the Tree of Life tattoo also reminds us of our universal connection to Mother Earth and our dependence on her to evolve and thrive.


The chakras, represented as rotating disks of light, represent seven energies in our body.

Yogis believe that when the seven energies were in perfect harmony, spiritual, mental and physical, one would be at peace.

Therefore, meditating on the meaning of the symbols of each chakra is a way to balance the chakras.

Lotos, triangles, shades, circles, Sanskrit letters and other symbols make up the iconography of the chakras.

meaning of unalome - symbol/tattoo? (5)

By studying their symbolism, one can discover how to balance them and release blockages.


Those who get Buddha tattoos see it as a symbol of great wisdom and spirituality.

The image depicting the Buddha (or a Buddha) represented meditation and contemplation.

It symbolizes compassion and love for all living things and also represents calm in the face of chaos.


Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language spoken by only a few thousand villagers in India today.

Because vocabulary and pronunciation create harmonic frequencies, words are believed to have higher vibrational energy.

You can add ancient Sanskrit scriptures to your Unalome tattoo or choose a modern phrase that suits you.


Hamsa is a positive and prosperous sign. This symbol serves to protect and ward off evil and negative energies.

Hamsa is a common symbol representing luck, fortune, health, wealth and fertility in many cultures and religions.


Namasté means "I bow to you". When expressed, it expresses love for the person while respecting their space and divinity.

The speaker brings their palms together against their chest and leans inward as they speak.


Ganesha is one of the most powerful emblems of supreme consciousness in Hinduism.

Many people who follow faith or practice yoga get this tattoo because it represents knowledge.

For example, meditating on Ganesha can help you activate the third eye and calm running thoughts.

Ganesha is an important Hindu deity with the head of an elephant and the body of a man, signifying luck, intellect and study. He is known as the one who removes obstacles and is invoked when starting new activities.

Ganesha-Aussprache: guh-nay-sha.

unofficial pronunciation

Often we do not know how to properly pronounce this symbol, which represents the path to enlightenment. So let's try to know how to pronounce what you have tattooed on your body as a guiding symbol for life!

We can divide it into three parts: [OON] + [UH] + [LOAM]

For more information, you can visit this video to practice natural pronunciation.

Incredible meaning –Diploma

Each of our paths in life is different and beautiful in its own way. Our interpretations of the symbol of enlightenment can also differ.

Anything that straightens our course and eases our pain is a very personal experience.

The Unalome symbol evokes these universal aspects of life. Although very personal, the visual representation has an international unity.

We are not superior to each other.

We're both going in the same direction.

We just encourage it in different ways.

The meaning of unalome implies that pain is inevitable. However, it is not uncommon to get caught in this spiral.

Realize that your pain will not last forever. You will have plenty of time to express yourself, but eventually you will let it go.

Although our suffering is unbearable, there is always hope that it will end.

Even after relaxing, there is another level of insecurity to consider. The Unalome endpoint is there for a reason.

The uncertainty of the world is inevitable. But then again, choosing to deny it does nothing to boost your self-esteem.

Respecting the process of life means respecting the uncertainty within us. After all, Buddhism is a philosophy of life. It challenges us to think about how we can continue to improve. It encourages us to grow and satisfy our curiosity without selfishness.

The Unalome symbol is a very nice emblem to display. Use it as a visualization tool during your meditation or yoga sessions. Be reminded of the path you are on.

Use the unalome to represent hope when you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed. It will help you navigate through the dirt that is obscuring your growth potential.

These symbols serve as tools in the same way as meditation and yoga. So use them and reap their blessings.









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