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Area code 587 587: Brampton, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton areas – FGL Voice (1)

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More than half a century ago, in the late 1940s and early 1950s, as telephone systems were expanding in North America and more and more people were installing a telephone in their homes, a new dialing system was developed to relieve the pressure on all telephone operators then hired to make the connection of long distance calls manually, one by one. Part of this move toward "direct dialing" involved the mapping of 89 three-digit area codes to different geographic locations. In 1949, the entire province of Alberta was assigned the 403 area code.

The area code is 587

The number of telephones used in North America has of course increased significantly since 1949. 587.

Currently, the 587 area code is the designated area code for phones in all of the following areas:

  • Calgary
  • Airdrie
  • Banff
  • streams
  • Canmore
  • Claresholm
  • Crowsnest-Pass
  • high flow
  • medicine hat
  • alt
  • Lethbridge
  • deer
  • Rocky-Mountain-Haus

The 587 area code covers some very interesting and vibrant areas. Here's a look at what's inside just a few of them.

Lethbridge– This bustling and vibrant city is recognized as the commercial, financial, transportation and industrial center of southern Alberta. In the early 20th century, the city began to generate wealth from agriculture and mining, but has since been dominated by the healthcare, retail, education and hospitality industries and has been a center of employment for the government.

It's not all work and play for the residents of Lethbridge, however. For those living in this section of area code 867, there is a wealth of art and culture to enjoy, including works on display at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, one of the province's premier art galleries.

Airdrie– Like many cities in North America, Airdrie in Alberta has a counterpart in other parts of the world, in this case Scotland. When it was first established by Scottish railway workers in the late 1880s it was little more than a railway siding, with no real houses, just cottages to house the occasional traveling worker.

In 1901, however, the nearby city of Calgary was growing by leaps and bounds and people needed a place to live. The first homes were built and sold that year, and within a decade Airdrie had become both a bustling dormitory settlement for the big city's working class and a sprawling industrial town of sorts.

Today, Airdrie still serves as an ideal place for those working in the big city to enjoy a more suburban private life, as well as a sort of recreation center, as the whimsically named Nose Creek Park has playgrounds for children. , hiking trails and more that are heavily used by Calgary city dwellers and visitors alike. The park also hosts an annual "Festival of Lights" that draws people from across the region.

Rocky-Mountain-Haus– As with many of Alberta's oldest settlements, what is most famous about this town is its memorable nickname.
Still, it's a town of historical importance, as the eponymous house, a royal house by the way, was one of the fur trading centers in the province until the late 1870s.

This means the town is a fascinating place for history buffs, as many of the remains of the ancient fur trade remain. It's also a popular destination for nature lovers, as it offers stunning scenery and easy access to Alberta's scenic Rocky Mountains.

Crowsnest-Pass– Crowsnest Pass, another fascinating town with a colorful history and rich heritage, located in area code 867 has a very colorful past. Founded as a mining town, it has sadly been the site of several mining disasters, including the Hillcrest mine disaster that killed 189 miners and was the inspiration for many Canadian-written songs, plays, and films.

The city was also a center of the rum trade when Prohibition was imposed in Alberta between 1916 and 1923. This is still celebrated today during an annual festival that draws visitors from across North America and beyond.

As you can see, all of these cities, all of which have the 867 area code, are quite unique. Many residents enjoy the fact that their area code designates them as part of this diverse area and would therefore prefer to be able to keep them even if the area is further divided in the future.

The importance of primaries in the 21st century

With so many people now communicating using methods other than phone, texting, social media and email, and mostly using the same cell phone to make calls around the world, does the area code you get really matter anymore?

The answer is yes, especially for a company. Just as a zip code can quickly identify the area a business belongs to, an area code can do the same. If someone is from "the 867" it means they are part of this diverse region and for a business trying to reach local customers in this region a number starting with those three digits can help Build trust and loyalty.

Is your telephone system up to the challenges of the 21st century?

Each area code is associated with a phone number, and for a business, that phone number must be associated with a phone system.
Regardless of what other new forms of communication emerge and gain popularity, a business always needs a phone number or numbers that will allow their customers to contact them quickly and easily.

In today's fast-paced world, no one has the time or patience for delays and waits when calling a company. Consumers expect to be connected to the right party so that their questions or concerns are answered in the shortest possible time. They also expect to be able to leave messages when they call after hours and be able to do simple tasks, such as making calls. Check an account balance or get an address through an auto attendant without having to speak to anyone.

Doing all of this and implementing it efficiently places a heavy burden on a traditional phone system, let alone the expense of upgrading an older system to accommodate these new requirements.
This is where a cloud-based phone system comes into play. Doing all of this puts a lot of pressure on a standard phone system.

Here are just a few of the benefits that moving to a cloud-based phone system can bring to businesses of all sizes:

  • No Extra Wiring – A cloud-based phone system isn't tied to a maze of wires and boxes, but uses simple standard internet connections, meaning phones can be placed anywhere in the office.
  • If a problem arises, a cloud-based phone system can be repaired wirelessly and over the internet, eliminating the need to wait and wonder when a repair worker will arrive.
  • The same system can be used to send faxes and text messages and even facilitate online meetings and conferences.
  • The system can be expanded as needed in just hours and at minimal cost, rather than waiting days or even weeks to upgrade a traditional PBX system.
  • Employees can literally carry their office number with them and have their calls easily redirected to their mobile devices.
  • Automated Attendants and IVR (Interactive Voice Response): Features are easy to set up and maintain.
  • Call volume and usage are easy to monitor, allowing businesses to control costs and improve efficiency.

Our system gives you access to these great features and more while selecting the area code assigned to the phone numbers used. This means that if establishing a presence in the 587 area code is important to you, it can be assigned to you even if your company does not maintain a physical office in the area.

These numbers and these possibilities cannot last forever! So if a modern, efficient phone and the 867 area code are important to your business, contact us today to discuss your needs.


Is 587 a cell phone? ›

Area codes 587, 825, and 368 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the entire Canadian province of Alberta. They form an overlay with both of the previously existing area code 403 of southern Alberta, and northern Alberta's 780.

Where is area code 587 located in the USA? ›

Where is area code 587? Area code 587 serves all of Alberta, Canada. It is an overlay for area code 780 and area code 403 and serves the combined area.

What is the cell phone area code for Mississauga? ›

Area codes 905, 289, and 365.

What is Canada area code Ontario? ›

905, 807, 705, 647, 613, 519, 416, 343, 289, and 226 are the Ontario area codes. 226 is an area code that's primarily used in the Southwestern Ontario region with 519 as the area code overlay. The Ontario local numbers in that region can have either of the 2 area codes.

What is a ghost cell phone? ›

The Ghost Cell Phone Data Service uses eSIM technology that allows data connections on a smartphone without a physical SIM card. Users of supported phones connect to a special network for data services.

Can you tell if a phone number is a cell? ›

Since you're only looking to discover whether the number is for a mobile phone or an old-fashioned landline, a free service like Whitepages or Spokeo is sufficient. Google also makes use of its standard search service to return basic information about a phone number entered.

Does the US and Canada share area codes? ›

The entities that are within the North American Numbering Plan – the United States and its possessions, Canada, Bermuda, and several Caribbean nations — share the international "country" code 1, with each state (or parts of states), province, territory, or island nation given its own three-digit "area code".

How do I call Canada from the US? ›

Canada is part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), so you don't have to dial 011, the U.S. exit code, required for other international calls.
Interested in how to call Canada from the United States?
  1. Dial 1, the country code for Canada,
  2. then the area code (3 digits)
  3. and finally the phone number (7 digits).

What is Brampton area code? ›

What is the country code for Mississauga Canada? ›

37.2 °F
CityDial Codes
29 more rows

What is the area code for Oakville Ontario? ›

905 was given as the area code for Oakville. This area code is also found in some areas that are very close to the GTA.

How do I read a Canadian phone number? ›

Using the modern global format for telephone numbers, a Canadian number would be written as +1NPANXXXXXX, with no spaces, hyphens, or other characters; e.g. +12505550199.

Why does Canada have a US calling code? ›

Why do Canada and the US have the same country code? International dialing was not established when the first telephone system and the North American Numbering Plan were established in Canada and the US. For this reason, all countries and territories under the NANP carry +1 as their country code.

What is area code Canada Toronto? ›

First, dial 1, which is the country code for Canada, Then, dial 416 or 647, the 3-digit Toronto area code. Last, enter the 7-digit phone number.

What is a dummy phone? ›

When you think of dummy phones, it's not unusual to conjure up visions of an actual dummy, but where does a dummy phone number fit in. Don't worry, it's not a derogatory term, it's just one of the many names given to a number that works like a regular number, but isn't tied to your cell phone.

Is there a cell phone that doesn't track you? ›

A Security and Privacy Focused Phone

“The Purism Librem 5 is designed with security in mind and has privacy protection by default.”

What is a blind phone? ›

MiniVision2 is designed to be an easy-to-use cell phone for people who are blind or visually impaired. Accessibility of MiniVision2 is achieved in three ways: (1) its physical features, (2) its voice guide, and (3) voice commands.

Can someone use your cell number without you knowing? ›

If someone steals your phone number, they become you — for all intents and purposes. With your phone number, a hacker can start hijacking your accounts one by one by having a password reset sent to your phone. They can trick automated systems — like your bank — into thinking they're you when you call customer service.

Can someone look me up by my cell phone number? ›

Doxxing can be incredibly easy — so easy that anyone, not just malicious hackers, can do it. Reverse phone number lookup services let someone type in your phone number and find your real name and physical address.

How can I check if a number is spam? ›

One way to check is to use a reverse lookup tool. This will allow you to see if the number has been registered with any other company or individual. Additionally, you can use a spam identifier tool, such as Spamcop, to see if the number has been registered with any known spammers.

How can you tell the difference between US and Canada phone numbers? ›

Canada is situated in North America and comes under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Since all NANP countries have the same country code, "1", you may call from the US to Canada by dialing 1 before the desired number.

Do US phone numbers work in Canada? ›

You can't do that (port your number). Even though both Canada and the United states are on the North American Numbering plan and share the same country code, they have distinct area codes (The first 3 digits of the phone number). A provider can only port in a number to an area code that they are licensed to operate in.

How do I find out whose phone number is? › is one of the most accurate options for landlines, but not all the information is free. Go to to see your options for a reverse address search or reverse lookup on a phone number. and are two other sites that do free reverse phone number searches for landlines.

How do I call a Canadian cell phone? ›

Dial the Canada country code, '1'. Now enter the 3-digit local area code. Next, dial the 7-digit Canadian cell phone number, say, 'XXX-1234'.

How can I call from Canada to US for free? ›

Here are the best free calling apps for Android and iOS.
  1. Talkatone: The Best Free Calling App. ...
  2. TextNow: The Top Free Phone Number App for Calling and Texting. ...
  3. FreeTone/TextMe Up/Text Me: Make Free Phone Calls to the US and Canada. ...
  4. textPlus: A Solid International Calling App. ...
  5. Dingtone.
Jan 14, 2023

How can I call someone in Canada? ›

Steps: Begin the number you're dialing with a “1”, this is the Canada country code from the United States. Move on to dialing the area code for the region of Canada that you are dialing. 780 will connect you to a number in Northern Alberta, while 514 will connect you to a number in Montreal.

What's Hamilton area code? ›

The 905 code includes areas in Southern Ontario including Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The Hamilton area code is one of the many codes that are being used in Ontario. Its neighbouring area codes are 519 in the west, 705 in the north, 613 in the east, as well as area code 716.

What is Hamilton phone code? ›

The following area codes are used in New Zealand:

Hamilton - 7. Hastings - 6. Invercargill - 3. Napier - 6.

What are the 3 digits after area code called? ›

A telephone prefix, also called an exchange code or central office code, is a three-digit code that identifies a much smaller region within an area code. The prefix can refer to a specific city or a section of a city. The telephone prefix is the second 3 digits in a 10-digit phone number.

What language is spoken in Mississauga? ›

CharacteristicMississauga, CY Ontario [Census subdivision]
Data quality , Mississauga, City [Census subdivision], Ontario Map Change geography
Official languages337,005167,670
61 more rows
Oct 27, 2021

Is Mississauga a city or state? ›

Mississauga, city, regional municipality of Peel, southeastern Ontario, Canada. It lies at the western end of Lake Ontario, immediately southwest of Toronto.

Is Mississauga in France or Canada? ›

Toronto Township1805
26 more rows

Is Oakville considered part of Toronto? ›

A vibrant community within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Oakville is a lakeside town with heritage, preserved and celebrated by residents and visitors.

Is Oakville a city or state? ›

Oakville is a town in Halton Region, Ontario, Canada. It is located on Lake Ontario between Toronto and Hamilton. At its 2021 census population of 213,759, it is Ontario's largest town.

What is the best area to live in Oakville? ›

  • Bronte.
  • Old Oakville.
  • Glen Abby.
  • Southwest Oakville.
  • River Oaks.
  • Ford Drive.
  • Wedgewood Creek.
  • College Park.
Jan 12, 2022

What is a code for a cell phone? ›

A mobile dial code (MDC) is a grouping of 3 to 10 numbers following either a "#" "##" "*" "**" used to create a short, easy to remember phone number. Historically MDCs were used for repair related purposes by landline and wireless carriers. More recently MDCs have been made available for commercial use.

What is the cell phone email ID? ›

Your mobile provider gives you a special email address that can be used for sending text messages to your phone. The mobile email addresses usually include your phone number and include a name for the mobile carrier. Examples are (for Verizon) and (for T-Mobile).

What does Star 57 do on a phone? ›

Malicious caller identification, introduced in 1992 as Call Trace, is activated by Vertical service code Star codes *57, and is an upcharge fee subscription service offered by telephone company providers which, when dialed immediately after a malicious call, records meta-data for police follow-up.

What type of cell phone does Bill Gates use? ›

Bill Gates said he uses a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 during an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. He said the chairman of Samsung gave him his phone when he went to South Korea to update his Fold 3. Gates previously said he uses an Android because he wants "to keep track of everything."

How can you tell if your phone is being monitored by someone else? ›

How to tell if your cell phone is being spied on
  • Unusual sounds during calls. ...
  • Decreased battery capacity. ...
  • Phone shows activity when not in use. ...
  • Phone takes a long time to shut down. ...
  • Battery temperature feels warm. ...
  • Receiving unusual texts. ...
  • Increased data usage. ...
  • Android.
Sep 1, 2022

Can you tell if your phone is being monitored? ›

Increased data usage

If you suspect your phone is being monitored, check the Storage section in your settings. Here, you should be able to see how much data is being consumed by what. If you notice your device is using more data than usual, that could be an indicator of spyware.

Can someone remote access your phone? ›

Yes, unfortunately, people can access and even control your phone remotely. There are plenty of spyware apps and bugs that let people hack into your phone without you even knowing about it. It's usually through certain links or credentials that hackers do this.

Can I send an email to someone's cell phone number? ›

Sending an email to a phone number is the same as writing any other email. All you need to know is the recipient's gateway address. If you know which mobile network they connect to, finding out their address shouldn't be a problem.

Can I email someone's phone number? ›

What to Know. The email address of a mobile phone is the phone number followed by the SMS or MMS gateway address. You'll need to know the person's phone number and what mobile provider they use to send an email. The email will arrive on the phone as a text from your email address, and replies will be sent as emails.

Can I send an email to a phone number as a text? ›

To send an email through a text message on your phone: Open your texting app on your phone. In the recipient field, enter an email address where you would normally type in a phone number. Write your message as normal and send it.

What does * 64 do on a cell phone? ›

Selective Call Acceptance

Other callers will hear a message that you are not accepting calls at this time. To activate, dial *64. Listen for an announcement to tell you whether the feature is currently on or off. The recorded voice will then tell you how many numbers are on your call acceptance list.

What does * 77 do on your phone? ›

Reject anonymous calls

Anonymous Call Rejection (*77) stops calls from people that use a blocking feature to keep their name or number from being displayed. When Anonymous Call Rejection is turned on, callers will hear a message telling them to hang up, turn off the blocking feature, and call again.

What does * 72 do on a cell phone? ›

Call Forwarding Always – Activation

Activates Call Forwarding Always. All calls to this phone will be forwarded to the designated 10 digit phone number. Lift the telephone handset, press the speaker button, or the headset button. Dial the code *72.

Are Android devices secure? ›

Your data is proactively Protected by Android.

Android regularly scans your apps for malware, prompting you to uninstall any bad apps. And machine learning helps our mobile malware detection teach itself about new threats every day, prioritizing your on-device security.

What brand phone has the best security? ›

Top 10 Most Secure Phones in 2023
  • Google Pixel 5. ...
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. ...
  • Apple iPhone SE. ...
  • Silent Circle Blackphone 2. ...
  • Sirin Labs Finney U1. ...
  • BlackBerry Key2. ...
  • Blackberry DTEK50. ...
  • BlackBerry KeyOne.

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